About Brandywine Classics

Brandywine Classics is a division of Brandywine Communications. For the past ten years Brandywine has been the premier supplier of high end accurate timing devices for technical and professional markets as well as complex master timing for major infrastructure projects such as military facilities, airports and train stations. Click here to see the Digital Time Displays Brandywine offers.

Brandywine Classics now applies this technology and creative design to produce striking, reliable, and accurate analog and digital clocks for your every need. These include tower clocks, street clocks, and canister clocks. Brandywine Classics can also upgrade existing analog clocks with today’s technology.

Our state of the art design and manufacturing processes allows us to create a clock to your specific requirements as well as choosing from a number of standard designs.

Our Products and Services - Accurate Custom Analog and Digital Clocks

Brandywine Classics designs and builds striking, functional, accurate and reliable analog and digital clocks for all applications. We also upgrade existing analog clocks to improve functionality and quality. Brandywine Classics is ready to provide analog clocks from 1.5’ diameter to 8’ diameter, as well as any custom designed clocks to meet your needs.

We supply analog clocks in various sizes and styles. You can choose from one of our standard designs or create your own. We also provide digital clocks in different sizes, styles and colors.
Whether you need a stand-alone clock or a number of clocks in a synchronized network Brandywine is able to fulfill your specialized needs.

Some features we offer in our clocks include self-setting, network connection, reporting of failures, GPS and power backup.

Our customers include architects, designers or existing owners of buildings. We supply designer friendly solutions including mounting drawings, specifications and installation instructions.

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